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There are many different Peels and Facials that we offer at Renew Skin. They are all designed to specifically treat different skin concerns and deliver visible results. You will need to book a consultation to discuss which peel and facial would be most suitable for you. We offer The WiQo Peel, our signature Renew Facial, our own Sculpting & Lifting Facial Massage as well as pharmaceutical brand iS Clinical's Fire & Ice Facial, Harmony Facial, Foaming Enzyme Treatment Facial and also their medical grade P2 and P3 Prodigy Peels.
Duration: 20 mins to 1 hour
From: $120


3-14 days



20 mins to 1 hour


From $120

Yes. A complimentary consultation is necessary for all our peels and facials to determine which is the most suitable for your skin type, skin colour and the skin concern you would like to resolve. To get the best result at Renew Skin we will work with you to prescribe a treatment plan that is best suited to your needs. To do this we conduct a skin assessment and a thorough skin consultation at your first appointment. This usually takes 30 minutes.



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