IPL - Hair Removal

Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment is a non-ablative laser skincare treatment that uses high-intensity pulsed light to react to the pigment in the hair, causing the heat to travel down the hair to disable or destroy the cells that make new hair. This treatment will only work on dark hair not red, blonde or grey hair & is not for the face or intimate areas.

Duration: 30 mins
From: $60


As instructed



30 mins


From $60

Ultra Lux Pro

The Ultra Lux Pro machine is used for Tattoo Removal

Anyone suitable who would like dark hair removed from their arms, back, legs, tummy and underarms. Renew Skin does not treat the face or intimate areas with IPL Hair Removal. This treatment will only work on dark hair, not red, blonde or grey hair.

As instructed by your nurse at the time of treatment who will provide you with post treatment care instructions.

Yes, our consultations are complimentary to determine your suitability.


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