Onda Plus Body Sculpting and Cellulite Reduction

Onda Plus is the worlds first and only body sculpting device to use coolwave technology, delivering more heat directly into the subcutaneous fat cells.
Duration: 30 minutes per zone
From: $250


No downtime



30 minutes per zone


From $250

Onda Plus

Onda, is a machine that helps reduce fat, tighten skin and reduce cellulite, and can do all 3 of these functions at the same time saving time and cost for the patients and the clinic. Unfortunately there is not another in Canberra to take information from however we will get a brief description of it to you to go on the page. ONDA uses microwave frequency at 2.45GHz. The upper layers of the skin are protected from any heat with an integrated cooling mechanism, the “Coolwaves”. Once the energy waves reach the fat cells, they produce painless but irreversible damage to the cell membranes.

Anyone who has stubborn fat pockets, cellulite and wanting to tighten or reshape the body.

Drink plenty of water and massage area post treatment. Maintain good diet and regular exercise.

With all body contouring treatments you will be seen by the Renew Skin Nurse and Nutritionist to come up with the best plan so that your goals will be met as best as possible. We believe in a hollistic approach when it comes to looking after your health. To do this we will assess your history, lifestyle and work with you to get the best plan that suits the individual. This initial consultation usually takes 30-45 minutes.

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