Skin Memberships & Payment Options

Renew Skin is proud to offer Skin Memberships that allow you to access a skin treatment plan to achieve your skin and beauty goals, as payments are structured in a way that increases affordability for you.

Skin Membership options available include:

  • Custom : Our most popular Skin Membership as you can create with your nurse an individual & personalised treatment plan over 3 or more months.
  • Pink : 1 treatment every 4 weeks over 6 months @ $50/week.
  • Silver : 1 treatment every 4 weeks over 6 months @ $60/week.
  • Gold : 1 treatment every 4 weeks over 12 months @ $65/week.
  • Platinum : 1 treatment every 4 weeks over 12 months @ $75/week.

Contact the Clinic to find out more about either a customised Skin Membership, or to find out more about what is included in the Pink, Silver, Gold & Platinum Skin Memberships.

Consultations are 30 minutes, complimentary & allow enough time to create and set up a Skin Membership for you.

You can book a complimentary consultation either over the phone, via email or through our online booking system in our website - if online just let us know you are interested in Skin Memberships in the space where you also let us know what your current skin concerns are.

Phone: 02 6183 0625



Other Payment Options also available at Renew Skin:

We can also offer you afterpay & zip pay as payment options (excludes payments for Skin Memberships).